Death, Grief and Loss - Weighted Toys are a comfort in your time of need

Did you know its Dying to know day?  

This is an annual day dedicated to creating conversations about death, dying and bereavement.

You might wonder why I have chosen to discuss this topic, and how it is relevant to Nana's weighted Blankets?

Death Grief and Losss

We have had our customers share with us some of the reasons behind them getting one of our toys or blankets and we appreciate this openness and honesty especially when it would be a very emotional and difficult time. We are very honored and pleased to know that our products have been a great source of comfort.

Have you ever experienced the weight of loss, the depths of grief, and the lonely path of navigating through the aftermath of death? It's a journey that can leave us feeling adrift, searching for comfort and meaning amidst the pain. In moments like these, we often find solace in unique ways, holding onto tokens of the departed or seeking ways to honor their memory.

Death Grief and Loss

So, how could a weighted toy or blanket be used at this time?

At Nana's we hope raise awareness of various ways our products can be used and considering the aspects of death, grief, and loss, we wish to support and guide when such time occurs.

Weighted Toys

We feel that weighted toys or blankets could be a significant source of physical and emotional comfort to someone as well being a wonderful way to celebrate and or commemorate the lives you have lost.

When next time you are experiencing grief or loss consider Nana's as place you can turn to the help with your individual journey. Our products could be part of a meaningful tribute and bring honor to your loved ones memory.

Grief is something we will all experience at sometime during our life time so why not get some insight and support.

Here are some resources I found interesting to explore maybe you might too.

Dying To Know Day is an annual day dedicated to creating conversations about death, dying and bereavement.