Restless Sleepers

Symptoms of Restless sleepers.

Everyone experiences occasional sleep problems, but getting a good night’s sleep is essential for feeling refreshed and alert during the day. Lack of sleep might make you feel foggy and unable to concentrate, or just a lesser version of your normal self. Sleep problems will eventually disrupt your work, family and personal relationships.

Do you . . .

  • feel irritable or sleepy during the day?
  • have difficulty staying awake when sitting still, watching television or reading?
  • fall asleep or feel very tired while driving?
  • have difficulty concentrating?
  • often get told by others that you look tired?
  • react slowly?
  • have emotional outbursts?
  • feel like taking a nap almost every day?
  • require caffeinated beverages to keep yourself going?

Nana's Weighted products work, the deep pressure touch stimulation (DPTS) supplied by the weight in our products, is believed to release a chemical in the brain, which naturally calms.

Deep pressure releases both serotonin and endorphins. The serotonin acts as a calming mediator for the body while the endorphins act as a happy stimulator for the brain. Together they can bring pleasurable feelings and general elevated moods in both your body and mind. It calms you when feeling anxious. Serotonin converts to Melatonin which is the hormone the body releases at night.

Studies show that Melatonin aids in giving the body a good night's sleep. We are so sure our blankets work we provide a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

What have you got to lose.