NDIS Plan Managed - Purchase being done on behalf of a client

Part 1 - Selection, Add all your items into the 'Cart' and check they are correct then in the order notes section add in your the details below, and agree to the terms and conditions then proceed to the 'Check out'

"NDIS participant number:
Plan Managed"NDIS Self Managed Guide 01b


Part 2 Checkout, You can use the Express checkout or complete the form below this;
- If you have an account already select the 'Login' option
- Else enter in your email (the agency or provider details), if you want our newsletters and updates check the email me box
- Select your Delivery method
- Complete the Shipping address details (as an agency or provider you can have the order sent to your office or you can have it shipped directly to the NDIS participant) and select 'Continue to shipping'

NDIS Self Managed Guide 02


Part 3 - Shipping, confirm the contact details and the ship to details and then select 'Continue to payment'

NDIS Self Managed Guide 03

Part 4 - Payment,

- Confirm your contact details are correct (these will be the agency or plan managers details), In the 'Payment' section please select "NDIS, Education or Medical Clients"


NSIS Funding Guide 04b
- In the Billing Address, you will need to ensure the contact details here are the NDIS Participant details. Now select 'Complete Order'
NDIS Funding Guide 04c
Part 5 - Invoices, The system will email you a copy of your order details, within this there will be a link to download the PDF of the invoice
NDIS Self Managed Guide 06a
or if you open 'Your Account' you will be able to open the order, and download the PDF here, this PDF is formated to meet the requirements of the NDIS system, if you have any issues please contact our team
NDIS Self Managed Guide 06b