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Three years ago, after I (Nana) made Toby’s first weighted blanket then to be the Nana’s Weighted Blankets proto type, we have grown and changed many times.WE made Nanas what it is today

Toby now 9 was diagnosed with Autism at 5 he had trouble sleeping and staying asleep his mum was desperate for help as the whole family was exhausted, especially Toby.

Sharon did some research and asked in forums and heard of Weighted Blankets for helping children settle.

She tried to find someone in Australia who made them but the only ones she could find used popcorn, wheat, rice or sand, none of which was considered safe or suitable and not washable

Then she found one in America that used polly pellets, and made enquiries but the cost of postage to Australia prohibitive

That was how Nana’s Weighted Blankets was born

I (Nana) made Toby’s first blanket using, polly pellets.

That first night he slept soundly through the night, at first we thought it was a fluke, it couldn't be that good, but it was.

He now sleeps through the night every night and there are nearly 1000 adults and children out there who can say the same thing.

Sharon told her Occupational Therapist about the blanket and she was thrilled and asked Nana to make some for some of her clients.

Nana's Weighted Blankets have been around since 2009, and is a huge success story.

We are providing blankets to people with special needs, adults and children who have restless sleep, therapists and nursing homes, childcare centres and also hospitals all over Australia we have even sent them to the UK and other places around the world.

Nana’s weighted Blankets are made locally by local people who are enthusiastic and happy to help by making our products to your special requirements.

We want to spread the word, help is out there and it is so simple, no drugs, just the comforting hug of a Nana's Weighted Blanket.