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IMPORTED Weighted Blankets…

After some research on the recent flooding of the market of “minki” weighted Blankets I find these are Cheaply made Chinese imports, and anyone purchases them please be aware you are not getting what you are paying for… or maybe you are..

I have contacted the company in China, and find that the Basic “Blanket” is made from Cheap 200 count cotton… with poly fibre filling and Glass beads. This cheap cotton fabric, with the added abrasive factor of glass beads will not last any length of time, causing leakage. and the cotton is rough against the skin.

The Glass beads in its self is of concern, that having a product with glass beads here in my office, I find the silica dust that is emitted by touching and using the item coats my hands after a very short time. I only have to imagine what it is doing to the lungs and air space of someone laying under one of these blankets.


Nana’s Weighted Blankets may cost slightly more, but you are getting a quality product that has 4 layers.. a white cotton lining and the coloured patterned outer layer. of which we have over 250 designs. We too can make with Minki if requested.

Yes I use Poly Pellets, but they WILL NOT leach out of the Blanket, they WILL NOT damage lungs.

The ARE fully washable… and they are double sewn.

And they are suitable for the Australian climate…

And made here in Australia locally by 2 Nana’s who are trying to help Australian's sleep better naturally.